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Paranormal Romance
Immortal Hearts Book One

All he wanted was her blood... then her whole heart started coming with it.


Broke. That's what I was after my husband ran off with another woman. Not just my heart, either. My bank account took the hit, too. Thanks to the debt he left behind, I struggled to get by while I pieced my life back together. Until I'm made an offer I can't refuse.


Five million dollars, and all I have to give is five years of my life as a blood donor – to a vampire.


It was supposed to be a business transaction. He gets my blood; I get his money. Simple. Easy.


I should have known better.


I wasn't the only one broken. Except, the truth was, with him around... I didn't feel broken anymore. When the truth comes to life, when there are more than just two options, we both have a choice to make. He can either join me in the light, or I can embrace the darkness.

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