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Marcus Only Digital Colombian Chemistry

Elite Stealth Force Alpha Book One

Military Romantic Suspense

When a beautiful chemist gets tangled up with the Columbian cartel, she turns to the one man who can help her get away… but he may be even more dangerous than the men hunting her down.


As a chemist, I’m a master of elements. The periodic table that is.

What’s not my element? Being chased through the Colombian jungle by a deadly drug cartel.

Zero stars. Do not recommend.

The view of the mysterious Kung-fu fighting hottie who came to my rescue?

Five stars. Highly recommend.

My plan to study chemistry in the jungle takes a turn to studying a different kind of chemistry… my undeniable chemistry with the sexy, grumpy, ex-special forces badass holding my life in his hands.

Even though he’s reluctant to help me, I persuade him to take me through the jungle to the embassy so I can find my missing father and solve the mystery of why I’m in the cartel’s sights.

That is, if we make it there alive…

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