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A Publishing Journey: A One-Hit Wonder?

I just sent my publisher the manuscript for the sequel to my upcoming debut novel, “In the Assassin’s Arms”. I shouldn’t be nervous. The hardest part is over, right? I trudged trough the trenches, faced the firing squad of rejection letters, and finally found the perfect publisher for my book. It’s all smooth sailing from here. Or is it? Hitting send tonight was as nerve-wracking as sending my first novel out into the lion’s den of publishers. What if they hate it and I’m only a one-hit wonder? This is a very real possibility.

I ran the synopsis past them when it came to me a month ago. Both my publisher and my editor at Fiery Seas gave me the thumbs up. Only two days later I was hard at work writing that novel like my life depended on it. Two weeks after that and it was done. Another two weeks and the editing was finished. At midnight tonight the novel is gone and I’ll be holding my breath until I find out...will this novel be worthy of publishing as well?

If I’m being honest, I think this novel is better then my first. My sister, my trusty and honest critiquer, said the same as well. Not being one to take things to chance, I hired Tami Stark, the editor who worked on my first novel before I got a publisher, to give it a once over. She responded with high praise and was third to concur this novel exceeded my first. These things should have made me feel more confident when I hit that send button tonight. I still may have no fingernails left when my publisher gets back to me.

I pushed myself hard writing the novel to learn from my previous mistakes, the ones my editor caught. My father always told me if I’m going to do something I had better damn well give it my all. Success is a doesn’t come to you, you go to it. Failing is fine, admirable even because it showed you tried something new, pushed yourself farther. Not taking risks or trying your hardest are the greatest sins of all. I don’t want my sequel novel to fall flat. I don’t want it to hit the world on the heels of the other and leave my readers disappointed. The curse of the one-hit wonder. Hoping to avoid that future, I buckled down and threw everything I had into my manuscript. Now I can only hope my publisher feels the same.

It’s my hope that each book I write will grow my skills and expand my talents as a writer. I intend to take this on like one trains for a new job or a marathon. I feel like Rocky running the steps, pushing myself just one more time to ensure success. I’ll study, I’ll practice, and with any luck and a little hard work I will find myself with more than just one book published. It will be a nerve-wracking time while I await the fate of my newest creation, but I’ll keep up the hope that there is more than just one book in me. Even if this one doesn’t make the cut, I intend to keep writing, practicing, and pushing myself until I get it right. Let’s just hope the novel I sent tonight is the next book I can say is being published. Fingers crossed!

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