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The Big One
Standalone Romantic Comedy
Some flames refuse to burn out...

Fresh on the heels of yet another relationship fail, I couldn’t stop thinking about the summer fling I hadn’t seen in a decade.


The one who stole my heart and forgot to give it back.


You know… The Big One.


With heartache and my meddling wingmen egging me on, and a little nudge from my cocktail, I reached out to the boy I couldn’t forget.


After we reconnected online, and the years hadn’t diminished our chemistry one bit, I did the craziest thing I’d ever done in my well-planned life…


I hopped on a plane to surprise him–in Italy.


Determined to find out if he was my one true love, I ended up on the adventure of a lifetime. After ten years of wondering, it was finally time for an answer…


Had our old flame burned out, or could we rekindle our love? 

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Door Peninsula Passions Series
These romantic comedies take place on the Door County Peninsula, and each book takes you to some familiar Door County spots! While each book features it's own story arc and HEA, they feature reoccurring characters and a continued story line so they are best read in order.
The Other Half
THE OTHER HALF (Door Peninsula Passions Book 1)
Romantic Comedy
When a spoiled socialite is forced to live like the other half, will she also find her other half?

When spoiled socialite Cassandra Davenport takes things one step too far, her grandfather gives her an ultimatum—prove she can live without her famous name and riches or give up her place in the family legacy. With nothing but a hundred dollars, her tiny dog, and a car that should’ve died in the eighties, she heads to the family cabin to prove she’s more than just a pretty face with a trust fund. 

Local fisherman Jake Alton doesn’t know much about the woman who showed up at the rundown shack next door, other than the fact she’s putting a damper on his solitary and secluded lifestyle. Even though he tries to avoid this intruder to his sanctuary, the beautiful woman proves impossible to ignore. 

As Cassandra struggles to adapt to her new rustic lifestyle, Jake struggles to keep his wounded heart out of her hands. But even though they try to resist each other, these two opposites do more than attract… they collide.

The Othe Half Illustrated Cover Katherine Hastings.jpg
THE OTHER ROOM (Door Peninsula Passions Book 2)
Romantic Comedy
Will an unwanted roommate turn into an unexpected romance?

Even though Jo is furious with her ex-best friend Matt, she takes pity on him when he ends up homeless. The two frenemies and her nasty cat squeeze into the tiny beachfront cabin she scored on the Door County waterfront. But as mad as she is at him for his betrayal, staying that way proves more difficult than she thought when his charms start wearing down her armor. 

It's more than the walls between their rooms that separate Jo from Matt. He's desperate to gain her forgiveness, and soon he's desperate for a lot more. The passion igniting between them threatens to burn their little cabin down. 

As Matt tries to break down the walls between them, Jo struggles to deny her feelings for him... feelings that are anything but anger. 

The Othe Room Illustrated Cover Katherine Hastings.jpg
The Other Room
The Other Plan
The Othe Plan Illustrated Katherine Hastings.jpg
THE OTHER PLAN (Door Peninsula Passions Book 3)
Romantic Comedy

The only thing this wedding planner didn’t plan on was him.

Being the top wedding planner in Door County prepared me for anything. But when I got hired to plan a week-long wedding celebration for an affluential family, one thing threw me for a loop… the man who broke my heart in college showing up as the best man.

And damn… he looked good.


I hadn’t seen Carter since I’d bolted from Hawaii where we’d met on spring break ten years ago. Our whirlwind romance had only lasted a week, but after we’d parted ways, he’d become a permanent resident of my heart. No matter how hard I tried to evict him over the years, my feelings for him refused to budge.


After crashing back into my life, he wanted to win me back. With all his attention focused on me, it would take everything I had not to end up back in his arms.


Just make it through the week and ignore those gorgeous eyes, his tight abs, the knee-quaking smile, and the unrelenting charm wearing me down every step of the way.

I could do this. I could.


At least that was the plan. And in my world, plans always went my way… or at least they did until Carter waltzed back into my life.

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Rule Number One Illustrated.jpg
RULE NUMBER ONE (Prequel to Door Peninsula Passions)
Romantic Comedy

When the one-night stand you never thought you'd see again becomes the one man that can change your life forever...

It was supposed to be a one-night stand in paradise to help me get over a heartbreak. My first one-night stand. A little wild fling I’d never see again.

At least that was the plan. Imagine my surprise to see him seated next to me on the return flight home.


But apparently that wasn’t bad enough. It seemed my one night of bad decisions insisted on hunting me like a ruthless stalker. When we get stranded halfway across the country together, I end up on a cross country road trip with the infuriatingly handsome man who lives life by the seat of his pants like there isn’t a rule book in sight… the rule book I have followed my whole life.

But the more time I spend with him, the more I want to toss it out the window and leave it on the side of the highway we’re barreling down.

It’s just supposed to be a ride to our mutual destination, but our road trip together turns out to be so much more. Breaking my rules sends me on an adventure I never imagined in my wildest dreams … a journey that changes both our lives forever.

Rule Number One
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