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Into the Light Digital Cover 2000x3000 S


Paranormal Romance

All he wanted was her blood... then her whole heart started coming with it.


Broke. That's what I was after my husband ran off with another woman. Not just my heart, either. My bank account took the hit, too. Thanks to the debt he left behind, I struggled to get by while I pieced my life back together. Until I'm made an offer I can't refuse.


Five million dollars, and all I have to give is five years of my life as a blood donor – to a vampire.


It was supposed to be a business transaction. Simple. Easy. He gets my blood; I get his money.


I should have known better.


I wasn't the only one broken. Except, the truth was, with him around... I didn't feel broken anymore. When the truth comes to life, when there are more than just two options, we both have a choice to make. He can either join me in the light, or I can embrace the darkness.

Into the Light

Now available as an Audiobook!

Awakened Light
Awakened Light Digital 2000x3000.jpg


Immortal Hearts Book two

After six hundred years, he finally found the one… and even the powerful destiny standing between them won’t stop him from trying to win her love.

I was raised to hate vampires. In my eyes, vampires are an abomination created by my ancestor’s magic, and every last one of them should be wiped off the earth.

And then I meet Thorne.

He’s one of them, but he’s different than the blood-thirsty monsters I’ve always been led to believe they are. He’s kind, funny, and charming.

And more handsome than any man I’ve ever seen.

When his friend, Annella, is kidnapped, he comes to me for help. He needs my magic to track her so they can bring her home. Even though I should say no and stay here on the island I’ve never left, his pleading eyes seduce me to follow him into the world I’ve never seen.

A world so big and complex it rivals the feelings growing for Thorne that I can’t seem to deny.

Feelings I can’t have. It’s forbidden. Our lives too different. My responsibilities impossible to ignore.

All I can do is try to enjoy this short time with Thorne before I must return to my home and my duties… and say goodbye to the man and the life that can never be mine.

Eternal Light
Eternal Light Cover 2000x3000.jpg


Immortal Hearts Book Three

Their powerful attraction clashes with their fates as born enemies... now they must decide if they should kiss each other or kill each other. 

When I met Annella – the woman of my dreams - I could practically see the sparks popping between us.


She was smart. Funny. Everything was going perfectly…


Until I ended up dead on her floor and woke up to find my entire world imploded into smithereens.


Because the woman with my heart wrapped around her little finger was a freaking vampire.


She was my enemy. My nemesis. An ancient spell that created my existence meant my kind wanted hers ended.


But even worse than waking up from death to find out my girlfriend was the thing I hated most? Finding out how far I’d fallen.


I was a blood sucker too.


Or was I something else entirely?


Thrust into a world with the creatures I’d been groomed to hate, I was forced to work with them while I learned to control my new cravings and powers. But despite my strong desires, I still wanted one thing more than blood.



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