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If you like your romance books filled with danger, steamy romance, passion, action, and laugher, then start the Rescue Ops Romance series! Follow these former Elite Stealth Force operatives as they fight to save the ones they love. Each book follows one of the sexy members of the Elite Stealth Force Alpha team, and while each book can be read as a standalone and features its own love story with HEA, they feature reoccurring characters on a continued timeline. If you don’t want any spoilers about a previous couple, then start at the beginning and enjoy them in order.

Colombian Chemistry Illutrated.jpg

Rescue Ops Romance Book One

Action Romance Book

When a beautiful chemist gets tangled up with the Columbian cartel, she turns to the one man who can help her get away… but he may be even more dangerous than the men hunting her down.


After a lifetime of dodging bullets and bombs, I only had one goal... retire on the beach and live out my days in obscurity.

Cold beer. Warm sun. Peace and quiet.

I finally had it... then it all went up in a fiery blaze when she came crashing into my life.

The beautiful blonde chemist obliterated my retirement when she begged for my help in escaping the Colombian cartel. I had no desire to return to the dangerous lifestyle I'd left behind, but it only took one look into Irene's fearful blue eyes, and she may as well have tossed a grenade into my resolve.

Damn it.

It was supposed to be simple... escort the beautiful, infuriating, adorable, annoying, charming woman to the US Embassy where I could hand her off to be someone else's problem. For a guy like me? Walk in the park.

Or it should have been. Keeping her alive was my mission, but soon she became so much more. Our simple trip through the jungle turned into a life-or-death adventure, and it would take every one of my special skills to ensure her survival. And now that she’d awakened powerful feelings in me I didn’t even know existed, I would do anything to keep her alive...

Colombian Chemistry
Sicilian Savior Illustrated.jpg


Rescue Ops Romance Book Two

Action Adventure Romance

A haunted past. An uncertain future. Lucia doesn't know who to turn to until she stumbles into the arms of the one man strong enough to save her.


I thought my life of dodging bullets and bombs was behind me now that I'd retired from my elite tactical team. But just as I started to settle into a quiet, small-town life, danger found its way into my path once again. But this time, it came in the form of a beautiful woman.

A terrified woman.
A woman I'm compelled to save.

I'm desperate to win her trust and find out what dangers cause her to stare over her shoulder like any moment could be her last. When she finally confides in me, I know I'm the only man with the skills to save her.

It only took one look into those haunted eyes to reawaken the powerful monster within me... a monster who will do anything to eradicate her terrifying past and make her safe again. The one that had allowed me to annihilate any threat in front of me, making me one of the most dangerous operatives in the world.

It had been years since he'd been out to play, but when I opened the cage and let him out again, he roared to life with a new purpose.

Protect the woman.
My woman.


Sicilian Savior
Russian Rescue
Russian Rescue Illustrated.jpg


Rescue Ops Romance Book Three

Action Adventure Romance

When badass special forces operative, Piper, heads to Russia to rescue her favorite computer hacker, fighting her growing feelings for him becomes more difficult than destroying the deadly threats trying to exterminate them both.

After some foreign thugs kidnap that loveable, geeky computer guy I’ve tormented for years, I prepare to deal with a hell of a lot to rescue him.

Bullets. Bombs. Heavy artillery.

You name it; I can defeat it and make it scream my name. As one of the most lethal women on the planet, nothing fazes me.

Well…. almost nothing.

Damn. When I bust in to save him, instead of a gangly nerd, I find a steamy sexpot staring back at me.

His tight abs.
Those hypnotic eyes.
That ass I could bounce a quarter off.

Yeah. Not so nerdy anymore. When did he become the one setting me on fire?

With danger nipping at our heels, we go on the run while I try to figure out who’s after him and why.

One look… one touch. That’s all it took for me to end up on the run from the feelings for him that threaten to swallow me whole.

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