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Elite Stealth Force Alpha Series
If you like your romance books filled with danger, passion, suspense, laugher, then start the Elite Stealth Force Alpha series! Follow these former Elite Stealth Force operatives as they fight to save the ones they love. Each book follows one of the sexy members of the Elite Stealth Force Alpha team, and while each book can be read as a standalone and features its own love story with HEA, they feature reoccurring characters on a continued timeline. If you don’t want any spoilers about a previous couple, then start at the beginning and enjoy them in order.
Marcus Only Digital Colombian Chemistry

Elite Stealth Force Alpha Book One

Military Romantic Suspense

When a beautiful chemist gets tangled up with the Columbian cartel, she turns to the one man who can help her get away… but he may be even more dangerous than the men hunting her down.


As a chemist, I’m a master of elements. The periodic table that is.

What’s not my element? Being chased through the Colombian jungle by a deadly drug cartel.

Zero stars. Do not recommend.

The view of the mysterious Kung-fu fighting hottie who came to my rescue?

Five stars. Highly recommend.

My plan to study chemistry in the jungle takes a turn to studying a different kind of chemistry… my undeniable chemistry with the sexy, grumpy, ex-special forces badass holding my life in his hands.

Even though he’s reluctant to help me, I persuade him to take me through the jungle to the embassy so I can find my missing father and solve the mystery of why I’m in the cartel’s sights.

That is, if we make it there alive…

Colombian Chemistry
Knox Solo Sicilian Savior Digital Cover.

Elite Stealth Force Alpha Book Two

Military Romantic Suspense

A haunted past. An uncertain future. Lucia doesn't know who to turn to until she stumbles into the arms of the one man strong enough to save her.


I never thought I'd stop looking over my shoulder as I ran from my violent past, but I had to keep looking back... there was something there I couldn't leave behind.


Something so important, I'd risk my own life to protect it.


Then, one day when I turned around, I saw a different man than the one that starred in all my nightmares.


A gorgeous man.


A powerful man.


A dangerous man.


But he wasn't dangerous to me. At least I hoped he wasn't because I would need his help to face my past and fix my future.


Now, with Knox at my side, I can finally stop running and go back to claim what's mine. I'm determined to put an end to the threat still hunting me... and maybe find a little more than just safety in Knox's muscular, inked arms.  

Sicilian Savior
Russian Rescue
Wes Solo Cover.jpg

Elite Stealth Force Alpha Book Three

Military Romantic Suspense

Releasing September 2021

When badass special forces operative, Piper, heads to Russia to rescue her favorite computer hacker, fighting her growing feelings for him becomes more difficult than destroying the deadly threats trying to exterminate them both.

After some foreign thugs kidnap that loveable, geeky computer guy I’ve tormented for years, I prepare to deal with a hell of a lot to rescue him.

Bullets. Bombs. Heavy artillery.

You name it; I can defeat it and make it scream my name. As one of the most lethal women on the planet, nothing fazes me.

Well…. almost nothing.

Damn. When I bust in to save him, instead of a gangly nerd, I find a steamy sexpot staring back at me.

His tight abs.
Those hypnotic eyes.
That ass I could bounce a quarter off.

Yeah. Not so nerdy anymore. When did he become the one setting me on fire?

With danger nipping at our heels, we go on the run while I try to figure out who’s after him and why.

One look… one touch. That’s all it took for me to end up on the run from the feelings for him that threaten to swallow me whole.

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