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Romantic Comedy
Some flames refuse to go out...

When Ellie awakes with an epic hangover the day after she caught her boyfriend cheating, it isn’t the pounding in her head causing her to scream. It’s the discovery of the late-night message she sent to the boy she loved ten years ago. The one she hasn’t seen since their week-long whirlwind summer romance in Door County. The boy she gave her heart to and forgot to take it back.

You know... The Big One

After they reconnect online, the years apart haven’t diminished their chemistry one bit. Desperate to find out if he’s really her one true love, she lets her meddling wingmen convince her to do the craziest thing she’s ever done in her well-planned life—she hops on a plane to surprise him in Italy.  

When Ellie waltzes back into his life and the sparks still fly between them,  Liam is determined not to let her slip away again. He’s spent ten years trying to forget her, and now he’ll do anything to convince her to stay.

As Ellie and Liam reconnect and try to bridge the ocean between them, they soon find more than just distance can tear them apart.

FREE in Kindle Unlimited

★★★★★ "If you're looking for a romantic comedy that gives you all the feels, makes you laugh out loud, believe in love, and smile from ear to ear, this is the book for you. Five romantic stars!" -Goodreads Review




★★★★★ "Between the aweing and laughter from cover to cover, The Big One is the perfect summer read." -Goodreads Review




★★★★★ "If you are looking for a well-told, romantic comedy just in time for those warmer months, then look no further than Katherine Hastings THE BIG ONE." -Goodreads Review




★★★★★ "From a romance that will have you swooning, hilarious sidekicks, and a story that jets you off to Italy and really makes you feel like you're there, this book had everything I needed to get swept away." -Goodreads Review




★★★★★ "Loved this book and would highly recommend!" -Goodreads Review




★★★★★ "This second chance romantic comedy is everything." - Goodreads Review

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