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Book Two in the Daggers of Desire Series is underway!

Well friends... it's officially official. The second book in the Daggers of Desires series is heading into production! I am so excited to share this second story in the series with you. There will be more action, more romance, and a swoon-worthy hero to be your new book boyfriend. Stay tuned to find out more about this next historical romance novel!

Fiery Seas Publishing has been amazing to work with during this whole process. As a baby author, having them to guide me and hold my hand while I step into the big bad world of publishing has been wonderful. With editors, cover designers, and marketing specialists, I feel really well taken care of and like I have their support every step of the way. Hearing that they wanted to move forward with my second novel was such an exciting moment for me. There may have been dancing... okay, there was dancing.

In The Assassin's Arms, my first novel in the series, is scheduled for online release on July 10, 2018. We are now in the initial stages of preparing my second novel for production. My editor will help me come up with a name and do a thorough edit looking for any plot holes or grammar issues. After that it's off to the cover designer where I have confidence they will design yet another beautiful cover! Once that is finished... more editing and then it's time to pick a release day! This novel will be coming out both in print and online, so that will be a new experience for me having a print book to hold. It's one I must admit I'm rather excited about.

I'm so excited to have all of you coming along on this amazing publishing journey with me. I'll keep blogging my experiences so you can follow along with me as we head into releasing my very first novel! What a dream come true. And did I tell you? Not only is my second book heading into production, I finished the third book in the series last month, so you'd better keep your eyes peeled for that story as well! Here we go! :)

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