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It's Almost Release Day! (Is it too early to panic?)

We're in the final leg of this publishing journey. "In The Assassin's Arms" will release on July 10, 2018. The digital version will be out in the world and this newbie author will switch between jumping for joy and screaming in terror with enviable speed. I'm gonna give myself whiplash, but I'm planning on putting on a neck brace when the book goes live to spare myself any injury. Rocking in fetal position while drinking wine from a bottle in a neck brace is typical of first time authors, right?

I've had a crazy past two months working on building a new home for my pony (that's right... I've been wielding a drill with skills to impress the likes of Bob Villa and "Tim the Toolman" Taylor), being busy at work, writing, and preparing for the release of my book. There may be a couple plates in the air, okay maybe a few dozen, but so far I've kept most of them up, and I'm almost through the worst of it. Now I can sit back and enjoy this final stretch of the journey.

The cover is designed, the final edits are completed, and the book is off with the publisher and the proofreader getting it in tip-top shape for publication. What does an author do at this stage (besides panic)? Now I start prepping for the release. My editor just sent along the package for me to prepare since the first step in publishing is getting sent on a blog tour. What is a blog tour, you ask? These blog tours involve book bloggers getting copies of my book and then hosting me on their blog for the day. There will be interviews, excerpts, and guest blogs written by yours truly. It's the book tour for those of us who prefer to sit on our porch and type, rather than drive around the country side. My dogs are very grateful for the invention of blog tours because they would hate for Mom to leave them.

I'm a newbie at this as well, so I'm following my publisher's expertise and getting excerpts, blog posts, and giveaways prepared for release day. I'm lucky to have a great publisher leading the charge and they'll handle organizing the tours and setting everything up so I can continue to focus on writing... and panicking. Did I mention I'm panicking over here? LOL

But, in all honesty, the outpouring of support for this journey of mine has been overwhelming. Not only have I met incredible authors who are helping to guide the way, but my local community has blown me away with their love and encouragement. Everywhere I go people stop me and tell me they heard I have a book coming out and are thrilled for me and will be purchasing it straight away. I was just standing in line this week getting a sandwich during a painting break from working on my new barn. There I was with a pillowcase on my head to keep the paint out of my hair, grungy shorts, a ripped tank top, rubber boots and wearing as much paint as the barn itself when someone came over to express their excitement. Besides being embarrassed by my incredibly ridiculous appearance, it filled me with joy that I have so many cheerleaders in my corner.

My little community sure knows how to help quell the panic that keeps bubbling up inside when I question what the hell I've gotten myself into. No matter what happens with the publishing of my book and the ones to follow, I've certainly gained an incredible appreciation for the people surrounding me and the huge net they've cast beneath me to support me in this journey, and catch me if I fall. It makes taking these final steps that much easier knowing they are marching along beside me, ready to see this dream transform inside it's cocoon until it emerges on July 10 and flutters away into the world.

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